Boxadan Lhasa

In 2003 we had the pleasure of getting a Lhasa Apso in the house. On a journey from USA , we agreed to board Multi-Ch. Whisborne Sleep Walker for 6 month, as he was bound for Sweden . After 14 days in the house, studying his personality, we told his breeder Annika Ultveit-Moe, that we wanted to keep him. In many ways Lhasas are high personality dogs just as the Afghans, and we are very pleased, that his breeder agreed to let him have his future life in Denmark .

His daughter Ch. Whisborne Panacotta (above) joint him in 2005.
Multi-Ch. Whisborne Sleep Walker (left) is available for breeding, subject to agreement.

To the right, you see Intch Nordch Whisborne Hair Apparent, the sire of “Sleep Walker” , without coat.